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Not a great picture, a surprised "what's that???" snapshot before it flew away, but quite unexpected for coastal Vancouver.


Better is this from a Margaret Wise Brown story that I read frequentlyIMG_20210404_231039.thumb.jpg.8ac82b03d6868a766deb7d524d3e4c29.jpg


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11 hours ago, IKLland said:

never seen one

You should get the Western in California. They like wide open spaces fields, parks and meadows. Right now is a great time to find them as the love to sit on fence posts, shrubs... and sing their hearts out. Driving down the highway at 60 miles an hour with the windows up you can hear the Western sing. Good Luck!

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4 hours ago, bearcat6 said:

How about a Meadowlark sitting on a Deers' head?\DSC_1132_zpssos4j45y.jpg

While it takes care of some #2 business. At least that is what it looks to me like what is happening here.

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21 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

@Kevin We've already done Pine Siskins.


17 minutes ago, BigOly said:

Then let's do Black-headed Siskins 🤫




16 minutes ago, BirdNrd said:

That's what I thought.

Sorry, I forgot. Lets do American Crows then.

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