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Since redpoll taxonomy is complex and considered incomplete by many, I would use caution in ID'ing any redpoll as a Hoary without better looks/photos. The left two birds do look pale and small billed and have softer tones to the auriculars compared the other COREs in the photos, but they have considerable streaking in the sides of the breast and flanks, which would typically point to CORE, (but wouldn't necessarily completely rule out HORE). Clear as mud, right?! There is just so much variation with redpolls that I would suggest conservatively calling the two birds on the left redpoll sp. (Acanthis sp.). Without better photos, particularly of the bird's uppers where you could see more details in the mantle, wings, etc. Additionally, the lighting is overcast, which may impact how bright the birds look in photos. 

Good read on CORE/HORE here.

Hoary Redpoll that looks relatively similar to your birds, viewed ventrally, here.

Common Redpoll that looks similar to yours, here.

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