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Hawk ID, Phobe and Willow Flycatcher?

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Eastern Wood-Pewees have larger, flatter bills, longer primaries, and usually more distinct wingbars than Eastern Phoebes.  Eastern Phoebes are usually browner with darker heads than the grayer/greener EAWPs.  There are also differences in proportions and posture.  Eastern Phoebes perch in more of a hunched position and their eyes tend to look smaller and closer to the bill due to their wider (or deeper) heads.

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Wood-pewees typically show peaked crowns; phoebes rounded crowns.  Wood-pewees (and all Contopus -- pewees -- in the US) have very long primary projection, while phoebes have only moderate primary projection.  All Contopus have shorter to short legs, while phoebes have long legs.  Wood-pewees have obvious wing bars; phoebes' are marginal or not-so-obvious.  Phoebes also wag their tails a lot; wood-pewees -- at best -- twitch their tails.

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