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There are AMWI in all pix.

In pic #3, the top right bird has rufous side, a dark patch on face, and bluish bill. It also has a white triangle on the underside of an otherwise darker wing. The bird below and to the right of that is another AMWI. Both of those birds sport the typical large white patch on the leading edge of the wing. The bird three down from that one has a gray head with a dark eye patch and a blue bill. The bird behind the Lesser Scaup is another AMWI, possibly a female. In front of the scaup is a female Canvasback and below her is another male AMWI and there's a female AMWI in front of him.

Wing pattern, wing pattern, wing pattern.

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5 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Just below and behind the male Canvasback?

Is you are referring to the one I think you are, it is also a Canvasback.

The bird I circled below is the only one I could possibly see as a Mallard. The only reason that I could see it as a Mallard is because I tell what it is.


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