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Large flock of white/black birds

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Tuesday morning (Nov 17) I was walking the dog at 10am in Largo Fl ( on the gulf coast). We have the Gulf of Mexico on one side 10 miles away and Tampa Bay on the other also 10 miles away.  I saw a large flock of birds in the distance the struck me as strange int their behavior.  Several neighbors outside at the same time took videos of them.

There were several things that were unusual.  First the shear number of birds. We have many birds in the area including some Canadian Geese which pass overhead but never a flock of this size.

It’s difficult from the photos to know their size but from zooming in and 1st hand sightings of the flock they were large. My first thought was they were sea gulls but I’ve never sea gull float like this. There flight reminded me of a murmuration of starlings.

The birds were white with black onset their wings. On top they were white with black wing tips. In coloration they appeared to be terns but not in body shape.


I assume they are just a common water bird, I just have never seen such a large flock so far from the water. They may have been migrating but their flight was north north west towards the gulf not in a southerly direction






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American Pelican, I think. Also, contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a seagull. There are gulls that live mainly at sea, and gulls that stay mainly on land. There are MANY species of gulls, more than there are northeaster warblers!😂 

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