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Cooper's Hawk?

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Is it finally true?  Did I get a hawk other than the Red Shouldered Hawk?  I didn't have my camera with me, but this little guy swooped onto a low branch while driving down the street, I u-turned and pulled over, I got as close as I could with my phone before he flew off.  I did see his chest though, it was white and brown barred.  Sorry the photo is so bad, is he id'able just based on the tail?  


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14 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Well, why the heck not?  :classic_biggrin:

Congrats on the new bird!

LOL good point!  I carry around a big purse just to have my camera with me all the time...  But for the last week, I lent my camera to my mom to take on her vaca to Costa Rica... :classic_sad:

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