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I saw and took pictures of several birds in Southwest Florida in January of 2018. I'm wondering if anyone could help identify them for me. The two that I am posting right now were seen in wooded wildlife areas. The woodpecker clearly has some yellow near his neck. I can't find either of these birds in my birding book! Any help would be appreciated : )

P1090425 (2).JPG

P1090417 (2).JPG

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3 hours ago, akiley said:

I've always thought that they were variant females, but I could be wrong. Still never seen one myself.

Yes, BNA online says, "Female. Similar to male, but chin and throat white (occasionally with some red mottling). Crown sometimes all black (12 of 69 individuals; Kilham 1977e), mixed red and black, black with red spots on forehead, or black with buffy markings."

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