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Hi guys, it's been a while! I need help IDing these birds I've seen around my birdfeeder in the past week here in Kentucky - mostly just confirmations. Thanks!

1. White-throated Sparrow? 



2. Another WTSP, just with different plumage?


3. Both House Finches?


4. Possibly White-crowned Sparrow, but maybe just a House Sparrow? Not sure about this guy.


5. House Finch again?


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All of your IDs are correct, 4 is House Sparrow though.

1 White-throated Sparrow

2 White-throated Sparrow

3 House Finch

4 House Sparrow

5 House Finch

Regarding the White-throated Sparrow, I’m not sure what’s going on with the 2, but among adults, there are “tan striped” and “white striped” birds, so some look cleaner and more boldly patterned, and some look duller and a little messier.

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