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Summer Sparrows

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Going through my picture archive and have some un-tagged little brown birds from this summer I could use some help/confirmation on. Thanks!

1. 2020-Aug-08 at Tamarac NWR, MN - ???





2. 2020-Aug-16 near Grayling, MI - Chipping Sparrow?





3. 2020-Aug-16 near Grayling, MI - Song Sparrow?




4. 2020-Aug-17 near Grayling, MI - Savannah Sparrow?




5. 2020-Aug-18 at DeSoto NWR, IA - Clay-colored Sparrow?




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1: Looks like a Swamp Sparrow with those buffy, unstreaked sides.

2: Correct 

3:Looks like a young Chipping Sparrow

4: Vesper Sparrow with that big white eye ring and russet wing patch.

5: I think you are correct.

Edit: Didn’t see you change your id to vesper in time!

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5 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Why isn't #5 a Field Sparrow?  I agree with the rest.

I think the streaking in the crown, and lack of an obvious white eye ring. But I don’t have much experience with CCSP, I could be wrong.

Edit: I am confused by #5, I’ll leave it to the experts haha.

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