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Another ID Challenge

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Here is another one. Same story as my Dark morph buteo post; I know the ID of this bird so I am just posting it here for others to discuss. It's helpful to include why you think it is what it is. 

No gaming the system by looking through the pics on my eBird profile. 😁 And if you are local and know the ID, maybe hold off so others can try first @Connor Cochrane@AlexHenry

Nazca Booby(5) 7:21:20.jpg

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11 minutes ago, AlexHenry said:

I spent hours bay watching from Albany Bulb waiting for this bird to make it to the East Bay and never saw it 😞

I know, I was bummed nobody else got on it. Righteous birds are döpe, but they are all the much more enjoyable when others can share in the sightings.  

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3 hours ago, Avery said:

This bird has black extending into the secondaries, something I don’t remember on gannets

It's not at all common, but it's not exceedingly rare for immature NOGA to have most or, sometimes, all secondaries still dark after wing coverts and back are white. However, they don't sport a mask in that odd 'tweener plumage.

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