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Sharpie or Cooper's

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Another imprudent contribution.

My first thought was Sharpie , mainly for the round head but the angle could be misleading.

The tail is squarish except for outer tail feathers but I'm not sure if this is 100% reliable.

Not sure if the white tail tip is narrow or broad, leaning broad.

The tail appears long. The wings do not extend below the the third tail band (my own new ID characteristic, patent pending).

In conclusion it is definitely a Cooper's (or a Sharpie).

PS. Does birdgurl have a photo of the front or side, probably not?

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I'd forgotten the exact wording so...

...“It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt".

We both seem to be relatively "early birds" on the east coast. After my second cup of coffee I very occasionally throw all caution to the winds (no idea who said that originally) and have a stab at an ID. I was waiting for a definitive response for this one but should know by now that when the experts don't jump in immediately (much smarter than me) it may be a tricky one.

Wow - that turkey looked good.

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Here's my two cents:

1.There is noticeable white on the tip of the tail, but not a lot of it. Coopers > Sharpie

2. The wingtips do not reach midway into the fourth tail band. Coopers > Sharpie

3. The beak projects outwards from the face. Coopers > Sharpie

Unreliable info:

Looks kinda biggish

Head shape is not reliable due to the angle.

My conclusion: 85% sure of Cooper's Hawk. But may be best to leave it as accipiter sp.

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