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These are 3 different sets of pictures and I am wondering if there is a Hoary Redpoll here.

The first 2 pictures were taken on Nov. 12 in Parry Sound District, Ontario. I am wondering about the bird on the top right in the first pic, which moves to the bottom in the second pic.

The third pic was taken in York Region, Ontario on Nov. 18

The rest of the pics were taken Nov. 25 in Parry Sound District, Ontario. The first picture of this set is a Common (and most others looked like this) but the bird in the last 3 pics looked paler,  slightly larger and definitely stood out when all the redpolls took flight together. 

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!













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I think the top right in the first pic is good for hoary—very little streaking over all and clean undertail coverts. 

I think the rest are all common however or at least I don’t really see anything that tells  they’re hoary. For the 3rd pic, I think the birds a little too dark on its back end for hoary. 
I’d wait for a second opinion though, don’t have too much experience with redpolls. I see them everyday as they fly over, but rarely get to look at them closely! 

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