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Ever use a remote shutter App for Bird photos ?

Chris Clem

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I have a Sony A7ll camera which is several years old and is hardly their top of the line camera. But it does have WiFi and Sony has a free remote App that I wanted to try. This App needs WiFi to work. You download one App into the camera another App is downloaded into your phone. That part was not fun and took me a few frustrating days to get it to work...Grrr

So basically you can set your camera up on a tripod and it sends the signal to my phone. On my phone I can see what my camera sees right through the lens and click the shutter from the phone.

With this photo my camera is set up outside by a log the birds like and I am inside the house taking the photo. The birds don't seem to mind the camera and will some right up to it, which they would never do if I was holding the camera.

I used a vintage Minolta 35-105mm zoom lens on this (it was set to macro), that put the lens only about 1-ft from the bird. Old vintage lenses don't have auto focus but if I use a real Sony lens I can use the auto focus.

This is not something you would use all that much and it is a little clunky with a slight lag from when you click the shutter. Plus starring at your phone for and Hour straight get old fast.. ha ha.

Anyone using something similar?


resize_DSC06383 1.JPG

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I have tried a few remote control apps and just couldn't work with them for bird photography. They come in handy for a remote shutter release when using long exposures on stationary subjects, but, as we all know, we don't use long exposures when shooting birds that aren't stationary. The apps are fun to play with now and then, but they're more of a toy than a tool, in my opinion.

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Well  I have a new Birdbath so I set it up there with the Tamron Lens. Worked  pretty good for that.

I guess maybe I should have set the birdbath a little higher (I had an intruder show up) ......It"s OK the Cottontails are welcome also.

My WiFi will cover all my 3 acres, but (and it's a big but) the phone has to be within 50 ft of the camera. Not loving that.




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