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My "Unconfirmed" eBird entries - all from SW Michigan various years

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I know our reviewer is a busy person, so maybe he hasn't gotten back to me to change these if I am wrong.  If not I'll leave as is.  Just looking to see if anyone here can point out if I am wrong in my ID, so I can correct it.  All are in lower peninsula Michigan.

Hermit Thrush - tagged as out of season as it was January 1st, 2017.  



Tundra Swan - tagged as out of season May 24, 2013.  


A couple of us disagreed with him on this one as Tundra Swan.  It was a Big Day bird, so there is some ego involved.  May 2nd, 2018.  2400?__hstc=264660688.8591c33d3805bfaf49



Blackburnian Warbler - now that I look closer maybe it is a Northern Parula? September 22, 2018.


Iceland Gull - Jan 17, 2015


Sharp-shinned Hawk.  Isn't tagged as rare, so guessing someone flagged it for wrong species.  December 28, 2019



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Now that Thayer's has been lumped, if you change your entry to use the species-level Iceland Gull entry, it will go back into review. In fact, you can always send something back into review by changing some aspect of the entry, either adding or changing text or adding media.

1 - Obvious HETH

2 - I hate swans

3 - See above

4 - Obvious BLBW

5 - Obvious ICGU (senus lato)

6 - Obvious COHA

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