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Which scaup?

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Looking for help sorting out whether this is a Lesser or Greater Scaup.  It was photographed Sept. 13th just south of Collingwood Ontario (south end of Georgian Bay).  I initially called this a Greater as I observed it in a fairly relaxed state and the head seemed well rounded, sloping from the forehead toward the nape with no sign of an obvious peak at the nape.  Its a little early for Greaters in the area and while Lessers have been recorded in mid-September, they are still considered rare at this time of year.  By the time I was able to take the attached photos the bird was actively diving and the head shape varied in appearance- sometimes looking more like a Lesser (although I appreciate the two species are best separated when they aren't active). I've tried to show the variation in the two photos.    But enough rambling, I'd be appreciative of any thoughts as to which species this is and why-  Thanks!

20180913_170339 - Pose 1.jpg

20180913_170616 - Pose 2.jpg

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