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01 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL; Mobile Bay; public pier & park

On walk with daughter, so no camera today.  Saw what I thought at first were 3 red & white crab trap floats, but ultimately decided they were birds.    They were fairly close to shore, but not close enough to see any detail.  My daughter (who is 30 years younger and with better eyesight) confirmed they were birds.  With my bins, I could see  red heads and light bodies, but couldn't see a lot of detail.  They weren't very active, just floating.  The birds looked rather compacted A-P.  I ID'd as Redhead.  Cornell site also suggests Canvasback, but the birds I saw didn't have that stretched-out head look that the pics have.  

Thoughts?  Anything else I should consider?  Camera & spotting scope are taking a trip to the pier tomorrow. 


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