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Was looking at a dark-eyed junco (DEJU) a few minutes ago. I don't have my new camera yet so, I just studied it carefully 
I THINK it has to just be the brown, slate colored female.
The hood was darker, like the brown slate colored in Sibley's... there was brown on the back( a little streaky) and brown on the top/back of the head.
The sides looked a bit more like the pink sided... not near as brown as the pic in Sibley's for the brown form. And the secondaries...  It seemed like at least half of each feather was white, not just a little whitish edge... That's one of the things that caught my attention first was the markings on teh secondaries. So, I say they were half white but the white had brown intruding.
The female brown, slate colored in Sibley's is a perched bird that doesn't show the sides and back good enough, where the males are posed as if they were on the ground and you get a better side view. So it's difficult to compare... not to mention, they're drawings and not real life photos.
But anyway... That's my interesting bird for the morning. Doesn't quite look like the brown form of slate colored dark-eyed junco(that's a mouthful) but it's what it most closely resembled so it had to be, or some variation or mix between different forms?
I wish there was a real life photo chart of the such birds, all side by side... EVERY variation of dark-eyed junco in one place... Could be a wall poster. Makes me think,k I probably would put up such types of wall posters to aide in IDs at times.  

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