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Help With Brown Flycatcher like bird please

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I think Phainopepla is right. I was avoiding that because I thought that they weren't found anywhere near that far north and the shot's not complete enough to support an ID as a rarity -- a quick look at Sibley's range maps shows that they go farther north in California than I would have guessed.

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21 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

I must know even less about bird anatomy than I suspected.  Aren't the undertail coverts hidden behind the branch the bird is perched on?  Is this bird facing toward the camera or away from it?

Looking at the tail, one can determine that it is the under side of the tail that we see.  That is because the rectrices that are foremost are the outermost rectrices, with the others layered on top (behind, given this view).  If we were looking at the top of the tail, we would see primarily the central rectrices, with, perhaps, suggestions of others to the outside of those feathers.

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