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Why do I have so much trouble with hawks?  They are so big!  Seen on my neighbors roof a couple days ago in Glen Allen VA.  The tail doesn't look red to me.  It seemed too big for a Coopers Hawk and the tail stripes are so much wider than pictures on google.  That leaves the most likely a Red-shouldered or Broad-winged.  So I am going to say a Broad-Winged Hawk?  Do Red-shouldered have tail stripes like this?

Scott H.



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I think it is a red shouldered. But it is kind of hard to tell, if I was able to see the belly, I could say for sure if it's broad winged or red shouldered. The Red shouldered have the pale whitish color around the eye. Broad winged do not. Both birds have brown with white speckles on there wings, but I see a thin, yellow line starting at the beak, and ending when the eye ends. Which is what the red shouldered have. So I would say Red Shouldered

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8 minutes ago, Scott Hubbard said:

Wow.  I give up.  At least I thought I could look at the tail of a hawk and recognize a Red-Tailed Hawk.  The banding/stripes don't fit my thinking but I know juveniles can have differences. 

Scott H.

Yeah, the tail bands are on the wider side of the spectrum for Red-taileds, but a Red-shouldered's dark tail bands are slightly wider and the pale bands thinner.  It's always good to look for multiple field marks, such as the super pale eye seen on your bird.





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