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Costa Rican Hummingbirds

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2 minutes ago, Aaron said:

@Candydez12 remember to pay attention to where these birds were seen, as all though the ones you mentioned are somewhat similar in appearance, both can be ruled out by the fact that their ranges do not encompass any part of Costa Rica 

Oh whoops! Thanks for telling me that! That is good to know... Thanks so much! 🙂 

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3 hours ago, Candydez12 said:

1. To me looks like a Berylline hummingbird

2. Looks like Magnificent Hummingbirds

Additionally, note that Magnificent Hummingbird no longer exists. In 2017 it was split into to seperate species; Rivolis Hummingbird (northern) and Talamanca Hummingbird (southern). The birds in the second pic are not Talamanca Hummingbirds, they are Purple-throated Mountain Gems.

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