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I was looking through some old photos over the past several years and I think I have found some photos of Kingbirds taken in northern Los Angeles County in the Antelope Valley and near Gorman.

I'm thinking that Birds 1 through 3 are Cassin's Kingbirds based on the gray breast and white or yellowish throat.

Bird 1) 2020-04-22 Antelope Valley 8276 (perched)

Bird 2) 2018-04-21 Gorman Post Road (Pond) 2278 (in-flight) -- this site is a hotspot on eBird

Bird 3) 2013-04-12 Gorman Ravine 497 (on wire)


The other 3 were taken on the same date in 2013 at a site I call Gorman Ravine, about 1/2 mile southeast of Gorman on the northeast side of Gorman Post Road.  Photos 4a and 4b are the same bird.  Bird 5 (taken about 70 minutes after Bird 4a/b) may be the same bird or a different bird (and possibly a different species).

Bird 4a) 2013-03-25 Gorman Ravine 278 (on tree limb)

Bird 4b) 2013-03-25 Gorman Ravine 281 (taking off 3:29 pm)

Bird 5) 2013-03-25 Gorman Ravine 446 (in-flight 4:39 pm)

I'm thinking Bird 4a/b could be a Western Kingbird, and Bird 5 could be a Cassin's Kingbird (if they are not all 3 the same bird).


Let me know your thoughts.  Thanks.







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Thank you all for your comments.  I have a hard time with the Kingbirds.

Bird 1 does not appear to have any white edges on the outer tail feathers (although they may be tucked under), and there does appear to be white tips on the ends of the tail feathers (could be reflection or other effect of the lighting).  The poor exposure and the angle of the light causes the colors to be hard to discern, but I don't really see what would make this a Western.

And Bird 3 does have white edges on at least two of the tail feathers, but from pictures of Cassin's on both WhatBird and eBird, it appears that Cassin's can also have some white on the edges of tail feathers.  In fact, all of the diagnostic features of both Western and Cassin's seem to cross over when you look at the pictures of exemplars on WhatBird and eBird.


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