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Bird Strike - Assistance Needed

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Our community college has been conducting a bird strike study since January 2018.   Very sad deal but we're fighting the good fight.   I believe this to be a non-breeding female Chestnut-side Warbler.  Found today 09-15-2018 in Overland Park, Kansas USA.  Thanks for your help.


Also, if you're interested in helping or confirming ID's of our bird strike study, please navigate to 




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A couple of quick suggestions -- first, check the white-balance settings on your camera. There's an awful lot of orange-yellow here, not really typical of the species. Second, if no-one at your school has access to Pyle's Identification Guide to North American Birds, talk to your professors about finding a copy. It's designed to be used by bird banders, but applies equally well to recently dead birds like this.

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