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Shorebirds at Gorman Pond

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Taken in 2013 and 2018 at Gorman, CA, northern Los Angeles County.  Pond on NE side of Gorman Post Road, about 2-3 miles SE of Gorman.

I believe I have Sandpipers and Yellowlegs, but need help with species.

1) 2013-03-25  _012

2) 2013-04-12  _043

3) 2013-04-12  _064

4) 2018-04-21  _2361

5) 2018-04-21  _2382







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13 hours ago, Connor Cochrane said:

Least Sandpiper. I’ve never heard anyone call a bird a “peep” in the birds name. 


13 hours ago, MichaelLong said:


I'm sorry if I came off a little too harsh. I've just never heard anyone call it a "Least Peep" before. I didn't want to confuse the OP, as I feel like there is a good chance that if you look up least peep, a picture of the marshmallow candy would appear. Also, I would suggest calling it a Least Sandpiper, when you are around others, or maybe just "leasts." You would probably get some weird looks for saying Least Peep's around experienced birders. I just want to make sure you start off by getting a bad reputation around others.

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