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2 minutes ago, Candydez12 said:

Looks like a Red - tailed Hawk to me.

We know it's a Red-tailed, but the OP is asking whether it is the Harlan's subspecies. I have made the mistake before of not thoroughly reading the OP's post, and then answering a question that was not asked. It seems like the question in this post has been answered.

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Oh, sorry.  I wouldn't call it a light-morph Harlan's--as far as I know, they're mostly white underneath, like Eastern juveniles.  The lightest can be hard to tell from Krider's.

Juvenile dark-morph Harlan's can have white markings, like HRLH03.jpg


(That's from here.)  I don't know where the line between intermediate and dark is, and I'm not sure deciding is worthwhile.  But some people know a lot more about these birds than I do.



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