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Kenya December 2020

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Some help needed on a few birds photographed in Nairobi, Kenya in Dec 2020.

1. I have this as a Reichenow's Weaver (which I believe is a subspecies of the Baglafecht Weaver)


2. Possibly the Female of No.1.


3. Village Indigobird?


4. Same bird as No.3


5. Red-eyed Dove or Ring-necked Dove?


6. No idea.



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7 hours ago, Aaron said:

Last bird looks like it could be a Kenya rufous sparrow.
Might look more into the other ones if I’m bored tomorrow 

Thank you and I agree on the sparrow. 

I hope you are bored tomorrow.. ? ? 

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I think it is safe to assume that the indigo bird is a Village Indigo bird, as that is the only species reported on eBird in Nairobi. I'm not sure how to sperate them. 

The dove, I think I'm leaning more to red-eyed, as it appears as if it is quite large, and looks like there is a good pink wash on the front. Hard to tell though. 

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