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My wife and I recently were birding in Arizona, and identified + photographed almost 100 different species - which is a lot for amateurs like us.  But, as usual, identification of some eluded us, so I have attached a link to an album with 12 pictures, 5 or 6 birds for which I hope to get help.

  1, 2 - The first two pictures are the same birds, taken Nov 19 at Page Springs Fish hatchery in the region between Cottonwood and Sedona.  My guess is Chipping Sparrows.

  3, 4 - The next two, same bird,  were taken at Santa Rita Lodge feeders Madera Canyon on November 24.  My guess is Anna's Hummingbird.

  5, 6 - The next two, same bird, were taken at Sweetwater Wetlands at Tucson on November 26.  I guessed Lincoln's Sparrow.

  7, 8 - The next two, same bird, were taken at the Visitor Center at Fort Bowie National Historical Monument on November 30.  I have no guess.

  9, 10, 11 - The next three may be the same species, the first taken at Pack Park Tucson (Dec 6) and the next two (these 2 are the same bird) at Gilbert 'Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch' outside Phoenix (Dec 7).  As above, I have no guesses.

  12 - I threw in one I could ID pretty easily - a Rivoli's Hummingbird - it flashed me.  I'm pretty sure I got this one right. 


  Any help in identifying would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Rich

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1,2 Immature Gambel's White Crowned Sparrow's. Note the glowing orange bill, back and face pattern.

3,4 Doesn't look like an Anna's to me, it looks more like Blue-throated or Rivoli's. Someone with more experience should be able to give you an ID.

5 Lincoln's Sparrow, note the Buffy mallar stripe

6 Edit: After I'm looking at it again, I guess it could just be a LISP at a weird angle, if your sure it's the same bird. It just looks off to me, It's hard for me to turn it into a LISP. Looks a lot more like one of the California Heermanni Group SOSP though, which would be a big rarity.

7,8 Rock Wren 

9-11 Northern Mockingbird

12 Rivoli's Hummingbird


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1 White-crowned Sparrow

2 White-crowned Sparrow

3 Magnificent Hummingbird (Rivoli's Hummingbird)

4 Magnificent Hummingbird (Rivoli's Hummingbird)

5 Lincoln's Sparrow

6 Song Sparrow

7 Rock Wren

8 Rock Wren

9 Northern Mockingbird

10 Northern Mockingbird

11 Northern Mockingbird

12 Magnificent Hummingbird (Rivoi's Hummingbird)


Just using the name Magnificent here because the name change is pretty recent and many folks may not have field guides updated to within the past couple years

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2 hours ago, Connor Cochrane said:

I'll send it around, but the SOSP looks like a heermanni bird to me. It definitely doesn't look like falax. It could be something weird like a fisherella Montana though. I'll send it around.

Yeah it looks just like the ones I get here...

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  Thanks to all - and I need to apologize.  I stated that 5 and 6 were the same bird - and it appears I was wrong.  I took picture 5 - and then a picture of a different bird not shown - and then took picture 6.  I THOUGHT it was the same bird - but they were a minute apart - and clearly I was incorrect.  Rich 

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