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Location: Ferndale, California approximately 100 miles south of the Oregon border in the Eel River Valley 4 miles from Pacific Ocean.

Habitat: edge of small town long-established residential backing up to creek and agricultural pasture.

This bird has been constantly feeding at my hummingbird feeder for the last three weeks. I've only lived on the West Coast a couple of years and I thought this was a Bullock's Oriole female (I don't think it's an immature male because of no black throat). I was surprised to see it here this time of year. After getting this picture of it (Dec 15)I think it's a Hooded Oriole because of completely yellow belly, longtail, and bill. It appears neither would be expected in this area, especially the Hooded Oriole, this time of year. So, which oriole is it or is it something I haven't even thought of. 



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4 minutes ago, AlexHenry said:

Hooded Oriole - it’s down to Hooded and Orchard Oriole and looks more like Hooded I think

I'm familiar with the Orchard Oriole because I lived in the Midsouth for years. It definitely looks like an Orchard Oriole but isn't it strictly an Eastern bird

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