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Bonaparte's Gull?

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58 minutes ago, IKLland said:

Thank you, I haven’t gone yet because we are still a little nervous about COVID-19. Do you know if I went on like next Tuesday if it should be crowded. How crowded does it get there?

Bolsa Chica is a VERY large area, with lots of room to walk/bird. BUT, it's L.A. (I know, I know, technically Huntington Beach), so...

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10 minutes ago, Connor Cochrane said:

Not at a birding hotspot. Lots of birders like to get a head start on their year lists in January 1st. 

Totally agree. MANY people like to get a big jump on their year list and see as many wintering birds as they can on Jan. 1. I would be willing to bet that Bolsa Chica will be poppin'.

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16 hours ago, Jefferson Shank said:

What? You mean you don't need to work!  Enjoy it! ? That is the day when all of our employees take OFF. 

While New Year's Eve and Day are holidays where I work, I often choose to work those days and take two days off later in January.  I have no use for days off in the dead of winter; shifting them lets me pick days when the weather is decent.  As a network administrator, there's a lot of stuff I can do when there's no one else in the building that would be very disruptive on a normal work day.

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5 hours ago, HamRHead said:

Wait, Bolsa Chica is a place? I thought it was a subspecies! :classic_laugh:

Nope it’s a marsh in costal Orange County, Ca ( I live in orange county) and it has produced over 290 species. I am going on Friday for the first time and it’s definitely in top 3 places in the whole county for birding.

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