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3 sandpipers

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I'd appreciate some help on these.  These pictures are from Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in Kansas on July 11.  I thought the first might be a Greater Yellowlegs, assuming the lighting was causing the legs to look darker.  And I thought the second was a Least Sandpiper.  The last 3 pictures are of the same flock.  Maybe more Least Sandpipers?

Thanks in advance!


1:  Greater Yellowlegs?



2:  Least Sandpipers?



3:  More Least Sandpipers?





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That's odd.  Willet did not come up when I was searching in whatbird.  If you limit the search to "Location = Kansas", Willet does not come up.  But now that you've pointed me in that direction and I called up the page on Willet directly, the map does include Kansas.


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I recently saw in a post where someone mentioned Merlin, which I didn't know about.  I downloaded it yesterday and just tried it on come of the birds in the last pics.  For the most part, it is calling them Semipalmated  Sandpipers as well.  Thanks for the heads up.

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