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Leiothlypis (formerly vermivora) bill shape for sure, thin pointy and slightly decurved. Since it’s bright yellow below I agree with @DLecy that it’s definitely a Nashville Warbler.

Orange-crowned Warbler can also be ruled out by date and location. In the east, Orange-crowned Warblers (celata) are very late migrants, and pretty northerly breeders. August would be VERY early for a migrant Orange-crowned in southern Ontario.

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2 hours ago, Tony Leukering said:

Yellow Warbler -- complete eye ring on yellowish head, no white feathering on belly, underside of tail yellow

I think there appears to be some white at the base of the legs/lower belly when zoomed in. Plus, the bill seems light colored (which I know YEWA can have) and is thin, even if it is highly backlit. Wouldn't a YEWA bill be more robust? I also detect a gray hood, unless this is a drab first year YEWA, wouldn't that be better for NAWA?

While the photo is poor, I threw it in Lightroom and tried to lighten the shadows and there appears to be gray on the head where there should be for NAWA. My 2 cents.

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