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Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle x Audubon's)? Second try

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Ok, I finally got better pics today of the bird that has been eluding me this fall/winter (it's somewhat skittish compared to the TOWAs, DEJUs, and Zonos at my feeders), but which I have seen a few times and thought it looked good for a myrtle x audubon's. I posted some less obvious pic of the bird a few weeks back. Thoughts?

I see a suggestion of an ear surround (myrtle trait), faint trace of supercilium (myrtle trait), greater coverts appear intermediate if not more myrtle-like, contrasty and heavily streaked (myrtle trait?), and dark upper tail coverts (I think points to adult male?). And yet, there is clearly yellow in the throat. So, intergrade? If not, which ssp. is it and why?

Specifically, @Tony Leukering, I know you are published on the topic, so your feedback would be greatly appreciated.





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Books are packed for the move back West, but I'm fine with intergrade for the beast, for the reasons noted. Those upper-tail coverts are not those of an imm female, but this is why I wanted to check Pyle. Those huge black centers probably points to an adult and it doesn't seem to have molt limits in the greater coverts, which also points to an adult. The extensive black below may well suggest a male.

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