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Another Arizona bird

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  On December 4 and 5, I was at the San Pedro River NCA / San Pedro House east of Sierra Vista Arizona.  There were some birds that seemed to me to be Pine Siskins on steroids - more the size of a robin than that of a small sparrow.  They photos are labeled Pine Siskin, but that is just a guess.  Each day there a flock of 6-8 birds would come to a tree above a feeder - maybe for berries from the tree, since I did not see them at the feeder.  Maybe they were Pine Siskins, and I just made a mistake on size.  Maybe they were a flock of female Red-wing Blackbirds - they have embarrassed me before.  I have a half dozen pictures, and can include more if needed - but for now I have posted 3 that hopefully will allow a definitive identification.

  Thanks.  Rich

DSCN6445 - Pine Siskin.JPG

DSCN6340 - Pine Siskin.JPG

DSCN6488 - Pine Siskin.JPG

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