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Your best EVER Bird photo


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8 hours ago, stitch58 said:

Tough to pick

I agree, very tough to pick just one photo as my best ever. I have photos with close ups of Owls, photos with Loons dancing on the water, photos with baby birds being fed, photos with birds in flight, photos with birds in fights, photos with birds bathing and splashing, etc., so you might wonder why I'd pick a Blue Jay feeder shot as my best photo ever. Well, some tough choices come down to just one deciding factor....eeny meeny miny moe. ?


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1 minute ago, Bird Brain said:

Hard to choose, as I have favorites due to being a bird long sought after, being a lifer, or just being a favorite bird. I picked this one because I think it is the best structurally overall.



I wish I had a pic that good! Great shot

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