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The absolute WORST photo to ever confirm an ID

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15 hours ago, Avery said:

My only sighting of this species in my county, nowhere near it’s usually habitat. Can you tell what it is?


@The Bird Nuts @Charlie Spencer @Birding Boy @chipperatl
This was a female Northern Harrier! It was the first time I had ever seen one, and The neighbors had told me there was a large raptor with an owl-like face flying around. it was perched just outside of reach in the waning evening light for my phone to get okay pics. For whatever reason it was hanging around my neighborhood. Closest thing to a field bird I have seen since in my neighborhood was a kestrel that sometime flew around the small cow pasture over the hill, and the lone tree swallows that got thrown out of the bird house by the wrens. 

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This is the only terrible image I had to post on eBird in order to confirm the ID. I saw them much better, easily ID’d as Broad-winged, nothing similar in the area.  


For my own personal use to figure out an ID solely based on a photo, I guess the worst one is this:BCC166D6-9FE6-4734-A7B6-CA25AA32055B.jpeg.6c72822bda64eb3513096851d05450a3.jpegJust saw blobs in a far away tree and clicked. I only figured out what they were about a week later when I got back and looked at them on the computer. Red-billed pigeons, lifers! 

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