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First bird of 2021

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I'm leaving for bodega bay early tomorrow morning so mine will probably be a turkey vulture as I'm driving down the road, or maybe a Red-tailed hawk. However, I may not look out the window until I get there, and see if I can get Brant as my first bird of 2021. That would be an amazing start to 2021, with a lifer and nemesis bird. 

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Pretty sure it’s gonna be a Black-billed magpie.

There’s really only 4 other possibilities: House Sparrow, House Finch, Raven, or Black-capped chickadee. If it’s something other than these, I’d be very surprised. 

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Opened my door to the call of a house sparrow immediately followed by the high pitched call of a Black-capped chickadee. Then I saw a flicker on the house across the street all within about 10s. Then the magpie came a bit later.

Flicker is odd, they’re usually a more afternoon bird. Don’t see them really at all in the morning during the winter.

So house sparrow I guess is the first bird, but Northern flicker is the first bird I saw.

Im at a whooping 7 species for the year!

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