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55 minutes ago, RobinHood said:

The posts in question have photos but this option is not available for some reason - just the "offensive or inappropriate material" one.

eBirders can only report incorrect IDs if they have submitted 100 complete checklists within one year.

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Hey!  Those were half of my Lifers!!  

I like the April 1st checklists.  Usually a respected birder, so you have to double-take on it.  I fell for one a few years ago.  I’ve forgotten the bird, but it was a doozy.  Almost grabbed my stuff

HA! Now we know who that guy is! Shoulda guessed. 

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6 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

within one year.

Thanks TBN. Presumably the 12 months prior to the current date rather than calendar year. My incomplete report transgressions coming back to bite me again, although I am surprised I didn't break 100 complete checklists.

I do have the email of one of the local reviewers but will wait for the current Backyard Count frenzy to settle down.

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