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Bar Harbor, Maine Pelagic Trip 9/15

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Hi all,


1. Is this phalarope a red phalarope?

42942263700_2709934d3e_b.jpgPhalarope for ID - red? by Morganirich, on Flickr

2. and these red-necked? 

43843117505_ec6ee68385_b.jpgRed-necked Phalaropes 2 by Morganirich, on Flickr

3. Dark Phase Pomarine Jaeger?

42942273200_790d334e4a_b.jpgDark Morph Pomarine Jaeger w Great Shearwaters by Morganirich, on Flickr

4. just sharing but we saw two Great Skua!

42942265860_c050cf98a9_b.jpgGreat Skua 2a by Morganirich, on Flickr



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  1. Yes, Red
  2. Yes, Red-necked
  3. I'm not experienced with jaegers, but based on the bill shape (strong gonydeal angle near the base of the nail) and pale color at the base of the bill, I'd lean Pomarine. The size relative to the shearwaters seems to fit better too.
  4. Jealous!
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