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(Long Post) Psittacara Parrot Identifcations

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I have a difficult one today. For new year's I traveled to Miami and found a lot of parrots. However, Psittacara parrots tend to look really similar...

The eBird reviewer counted all of these as correct, but I just wanted to verify If I got these species correct.

Starting with easiest to most difficult.


1. Red Masked Parakeet: The almost completely covers the face.


2. White-Eyed Parakeet: Note the distinct eyerings, and complete lack of red on face. You cannot see it here, but they had a red+yellow mark under the wing.


3. Mitred Parakeet: The most common Psittacara. Red extends below eye, but is not as extensive as the red masked parakeet. Also note red under the wing.


4. Green Parakeet: Note lack of eyering. This individual looks just like the one on the eBird species profile: https://ebird.org/species/grnpar


5. Scarlet Fronted Parakeet (Bird on Right): Note large size compared to nearby parrot. Red is restricted to forecrown, and seems to lack red under the wing.


6. Crimson Fronted Parakeet (Bird on left): Note smaller size than nearby Scarlet-Fronted(?) Parakeet. Red is restricted to forecrown.


Those were the ones I was pretty sure of, now here are some unknowns:



Unknown 1: Crimson Fronted Parakeet? Note the red doesn't reach the eye, and there is a hint of yellow under the wing.


Unknown 2: Mitred Parakeet?


Unknown 3: Scarlet-Fronted Parakeet? There seems to be no red under the wing, and red doesn't go below eye.


Thanks for the help everyone! These parakeets are super tricky! I am anxious to see if I got the identifications correct or not.


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We could get into a debate about whether these are really North American birds...

but if the local eBird reviewer (who is probably more knowledgeable than any of us) is satisfied with them, then they’re probably right enough 

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