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Some from Maine from the past few days

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Most taken at Great Waas Island Preserve - about 60 miles north of Bar Harbor along the coast.


1. Yellow-rumped Warbler

 44752361031_6824a4a52e_b.jpgYellow-rumped Warbler by Morganirich, on Flickr


2. Warbler - not sure which

44752363141_67443740a2_b.jpgWarbler for ID 7 by Morganirich, on Flickr

3. Cape May Warbler? would be a lifer?

43843349395_09a5536ba3_b.jpgWarbler for ID 7 - Cape May? by Morganirich, on Flickr

4. Northern Parula

44752366601_39f9fa43d0_b.jpgWarbler for ID 4 by Morganirich, on Flickr

5. not sure - looks like GC Kinglet /Parula?

44752367321_0f29f9ec5b_b.jpgWarbler for ID 3 by Morganirich, on Flickr

6. Sandpipers - Semipalm - including two on the far left?

30881825918_b0974bb980_b.jpgSandpipers for ID 2 by Morganirich, on Flickr

7. Spotted or Solitary Sandpiper? Blurry...

30881826198_00e1926d42_b.jpgSandpiper for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr

8. Semipalmated or Piping Plover?

43843354635_ff05c29edf_b.jpgPlover for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr

9. Which peeps?

30881827268_98ec32afc2_b.jpgPeeps for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr

10. Had me stumped - Yellow-rumped?

42942537180_6dd4f2304e_b.jpgBird for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr



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23 minutes ago, HamRHead said:

1. Yes

2. Yellow-rumped

3. YES! Congrats!

4. Yes 

5. Northern Parula

6. Pass

7. Spotted

8. Semipalmated

9. Black-bellied Plover?

10. Yellow-rumped Warbler


All birds in 6 are indeed Semipalmated. Agreed with everything else.

All of the Yellow-rumped are Myrtles.

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