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At a loss, any ideas?

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2 minutes ago, Seanbirds said:

Glad we could figure it out! That was a tough one! 

Yeah, me too...the ''white'' was driving me loco as if I need any help with that! I was pleasantly surprised when I finally got logged on here this morning and read all of the great responses from everyone. This truly is the most helpful and friendly community ever!!! ?

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55 minutes ago, Jefferson Shank said:

I tried to back down the highlights a bit, but since I don't have the original photo it not very good. It is an overexposed photo, I think. It brought out a lot of brown on the neck and back and maybe some red on the head?


The photo I posted is the original, straight off of the camers, with no cropping or editing. Since it has been almost 10 years since the photo was taken I don't really remember all of the details clearly. The camera's time stamp was 3:54 pm, given that it was mid-July and the spot where the photo was taken from the sun would have been in front of me so that would probbaly account for the ''white'' washed-out/over-exposed shot, right?  Thanks again for all of your help. ?

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19 minutes ago, Jefferson Shank said:

I meant that when the photo is uploaded, it usually automatically downsizes. So I don't have the full 'data' to work with.

 I did use the media option here on Whatbird to upload that photo which I don't usually do...but I was being lazy when I posted last night.  The photo is in my Flickr photostream, would that help? Thank you. ?

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My first impression was an Ibis, but was willing to accept the opinion of those who saw a Sandhill Crane.  But after looking at photos of both White-Faced Ibis and Sandhill Crane in flight, I would say it is difficult to identify but I would lean toward White-Faced Ibis based on overall structure.  The length and posture of the neck looks more like an Ibis.  The shape of the wings does not seem quite right for either Ibis or Crane.  The tail looks more like the Crane.  The iridescence of the Ibis plumage better explains the reflection on the wings, and the color on the neck looks better for Ibis.  The bill looks short, but it seems to have the curvature of an Ibis at the base.

Here is a good photo to compare from Flicker:


White-Faced Ibis Flying Over a Marsh


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