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Wading bird ID in Point Reyes, California

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We saw several different wading birds at Abbotts Lagoon in Point Reyes National Seashore, California and we would appreciate any help in identifying them. The photos were taken on December 31st in the early morning. Our thoughts, along with the four photos, are listed below. Thanks for the help!

1. Sanderling?

2. American or Pacific Golden Plover?

3. 2 more Sanderlings? (the pair in the back looks similar to the first photo)

4. Dowitcher - long-billed or short-billed. Of particular interest is the second one from the left because the head has a pronounced white streak through the eye which does not match any other dowitchers we saw at the lagoon.




DSC00836 Needs ID Pacific or American Golden Plover i think.JPG

DSC00845 Needs ID - 2 white ones in back center.JPG

DSC00960 2nd from left is different - see DSC00978.JPG

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12 hours ago, IKLland said:

1. Sanderling

2. not certain but I think that they are black-bellied plovers

3. I won’t touch the birds in front but the back ones are sanderlings.

4. Was this salt or fresh water? It helps for identifying dowitchers  

It was in a salt water lagoon. Thanks for the other IDs!

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