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I would say that in pics 10-12 the gull at the right edge of the water, facing to the right, looks good for first winter Thayer's. That's the only one I feel good about for Thayer's. Perhaps the bird in the middle of Part 1 picture 15 with its head down is a Thayer's as well, or maybe it's a Glaucous-winged x Herring hybrid.

Almost all first or second cycle Thayer's will have lighter-than-black primaries with pale edging, which is a good thing to look for. Similarly-aged Herring and California Gulls typically have blackish primaries. First cycle Glaucous-winged x Herring can sometimes look extremely similar to Thayer's, and some birds may not be safe to identify. One more thing to look at is that first cycle Thayer's on average have larger and neater patterning on their wing coverts than Herring or Glaucous-winged, though it is variable. You might sometimes hear about a "checkered" look to Thayer's that refers to this.

And to anyone who wants to learn to identify gulls better, I would suggest learning to age gulls. Gulls are one group where it is often helpful to age before identifying to species. Becoming familiar Herring Gull is also good; it is widespread and common in many places, and is a good standard-looking gull to which other gull species can be compared.

Perhaps I can add more info tomorrow (technically later today huh). Identifying adult Thayer's Gulls? Aging gulls?

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7 hours ago, Winged LEGO said:

Perhaps I can add more info tomorrow (technically later today huh). Identifying adult Thayer's Gulls? Aging gulls?

Yes please! I’ve been trying to learn gull IDs and it’s rather intimidating given the age and hybridization challenges.

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