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Need help identifying birds from Europe: France, Prague, Budapest, Rome & Venice

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Hello, this summer throughout August 2018 I went on a trip to Europe and found some birds along the way. Please excuse it this may seem lengthy (8 total), but these are some species that I cannot seem to identify. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

First 2 pictures were taken on Notre Dame in Paris, France

29840182197_2e5825fc9f_k.jpgDSCN0061 by Klickie M, on Flickr

29840180817_cc06fb1a6d_k.jpgDSCN0070 by Klickie M, on Flickr

This bird is from Manusev Most - Manes Bridge in Prague Czech Republic

44727485932_997c00ff18_k.jpgDSCN0103 by Klickie M, on Flickr

This one is from Vajanovy Sady Park Prague, Czech Republic

44777015711_37043dcf5a_k.jpgDSCN0140 by Klickie M, on Flickr

This is from Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary

43866978395_bc8e704da3_k.jpgDSCN0153 by Klickie M, on Flickr

This one is from Vattican City in Rome, Italy

44057666334_d6fcae8ef7_k.jpgDSCN0241 by Klickie M, on Flickr

Lastly, these two birds were at Venice, Italy

29840185657_d0d3ffede2_k.jpgDSCN0294 by Klickie M, on Flickr

29840183357_8664c0b687_k.jpgDSCN0316 by Klickie M, on Flickr


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1. House Sparrows

2. (Feral) Rock Pigeon

3. Black-headed Gull

4. Common Wood-Pigeon

5. Hooded Crow

6. White Wagtail

7. Yellow-legged Gull likely, but someone with better experience on juvenile gulls from Europe should probably confirm.  

8. Italian Sparrow

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