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What Birds are these? Part 3

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These were all taken in Lake County with my new $1,500 camera. I don't know the dates which all of them are taken though. Thanks! ? 

1. This one was acting like a woodpecker so I was wondering if my chance it is one? Reminds me of a Starling, but it was climbing up this tree like a woodpecker would. 


2. Ok, Is this a Female House Finch, Or something else. It was eating with the other House finches so I think it is one of them, but what is with the large beak?


3. This one was taken yesterday. I am pretty sure all of the Gulls are Ring - Billed Gulls. But I am not sure for sure.  


4. Another Gull. Another Ring - Billed?


5. Another Gull. I am pretty sure this is also a Ring-Billed


Thanks so much for all of your help ? 



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2 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

#1 - Sapsucker?  I'd go with 'Woodpecker sp.'

Sapsuckers have  large white patches on their wings. The only woodpecker this seems reasonable for is Lewis's Woodpecker, but I think this is better left unidentified- I'm far from certain that this even is a woodpecker.

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From Previous posts I know It's the Lake county in California. 

I'm having a hard time fitting the woodpeckers found there to this photo. Nuttall's and Downy can be ruled out, and Red-breasted Sapsucker has noticeable white on the back. It's also not a Northern Flicker, which leaves either Acorn or Lewis's Woodpecker. Or it could be a Starling, which is what I feel this is.

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6 hours ago, Birding Boy said:

Where is lake county? What do you get there Woodpecker wise? I’m pretty sure it’s a Woodpecker with that black and white plumage and horizontal position. I feel like there is not enough white on the back for a Downy, but I’m not sure if there are any other options.

Acorn Woodpeckers, Red Breasted Sapsuckers, Maybe Nuttail's Woodpecker. Lewis is also around the area but never saw one before. @Birding Boy

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