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Don't worry, it is just TWO gulls from today.

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35 minutes ago, IKLland said:

Thanks, but don’t herring also have pink legs and large bill?

Yes, but there are several plumage and structural features which suggest Western over Herring. For example, referring to bird 1, a second winter Herring Gull would have a paler iris and paler mantle/scapulars.

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1 hour ago, Hasan said:

@AlexHenry @Connor Cochrane Why not Cal Gull for the first bird with that downward curved gape and smallish, strongly bicolored bill?

I agree with Western Gull. The soft parts here are WEGU, not CAGU. A 2nd cy. CAGU would have a thinner, less bulbous, strongly bicolored bill with the proximal 2/3 being bone colored, not yellow/orange/pinkish. Also, the legs would be a blue-gray, not pink like this bird.

Typical 2nd cy. CAGU - http://gull-research.org/smithsonianus/smith2cy/calif01.html

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