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Bird from a couple of hours ago

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Hi Tony!

Yes, I have a field guide, it's called 'The Audubon Field Guide to North American Birds.' It's kind of old though (from 1977) but I love it and refer to it often.

I'm pretty new to birding but am trying to learn what I can.

Yes, I definitely wish to understand how to know the ID's are correct. After I receive an ID on this forum, I do an online search for the bird and read up on Wikipedia, Audobon or Allaboutbirds websites. I also read up in the field guide.

The way I've been trying to learn birds is just by being outside, finding them and observing them, taking photos and then reading about them when I get home. This forum and the people on this forum have been immeasurably helpful. :)

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@Evie12, you might want to consider a newer field guide, for a couple of reasons.  One is that the range maps for many species have changed greatly since 1977.  Another is that some species have had their names changed by the ornithology agencies that manage these things.  (Farewell, "Rufous-Sided Towhee"  :classic_sad:)

You might also find it helpful to search the internet for birding groups in your area.  You'll get better faster by spending field time with experienced birders.  Many groups hold weekly or monthly walks in local areas.

Either way, have fun!

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Okay, then.  All vireos have blue-ish legs, a feature matched by very few other passerines (essentially equal to "songbirds;" all birds from flycatchers to the end of the taxonomic order, which is followed, generally, in field guides -- though beware books that put swifts with swallows -- the former are not passerines).  Orioles as a group form one of those exceptions.  Any warblers with such a strong head pattern would have wing bars.

Leg and bill colors are excellent ID cues ignored by many birders; pay attention to them.









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