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Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher and Swamp Sparrow

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Both birds from today in Orange Co, NY. The flycatcher was more yellow in the chest and belly than in the photos, but the bright sun made it appear lighter. But in the photos you can still see the yellow wash on parts of the chest/belly, as well as throat and bold eye ring which made me think yellow bellied? And I'm pretty sure the sparrow is a swamp, but the face seems bolder than I am used to seeing?  Thanks!



44742194882_53a38e40a6_b.jpgIMG_2309 by Anthony Macchiarola, on Flickr

44071976004_b8d42eaf01_b.jpgIMG_2313 by Anthony Macchiarola, on Flickr



44742194902_4dc6cb7c76_b.jpgIMG_2355 by Anthony Macchiarola, on Flickr

44791650231_d99d3b7f35_b.jpgIMG_2354 by Anthony Macchiarola, on Flickr

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