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Heard a weird call this morning while walking the ravine. Of course my recording app had to ‘calibrate’ forever when the bird was at its loudest and most vocal. 
The location is in the city, but we are near the edge, to the point that moose and things are generally seen here. Mostly a mix of aspen, shrubs, poplar, and several stands of white spruce.

Not many options this time of year to choose from, but as usual, haven’t had much luck. Initially thought it was the white-winged crossbill I saw about 10 minutes later, but that does not match up.

Calgary, AB this morning. Ignore the magpie at the end. 
Starts with a long eeeeeeH and then a more squeaky single chirp that is repeated a few times



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I think I have convinced myself that this is a white-throated sparrow who is trying his best, but not succeeding.

I'll check again tomorrow to see if I can get a better listen, but is anyone against that? They are rather uncommon here this time of year, but does appear to be a few overwintering in the city. 

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