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5 hours ago, smskelton said:

Sandhill Cranes over Whitewater Draw at Sunset


4 hours ago, smskelton said:

After the Bighorn fire in the Catalinas, I went up to the edge of the wilderness below Alamo Canyon just after the first snowfall to take some landscape photos.  This Golden Eagle dropped out of the clouds at the top of the canyon and gradually soared down to where I could get a picture.  I posted this on the best picture site and it was suggested that I include it in this thread.1269805450_GoldenEagleAlamoCanyon.thumb.JPG.e6d13e9043ad870d21b6c67422dc5277.JPG

Two beautiful shots @smskelton!

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Whitewater Draw is a wildlife refuge at the south end of the Sulfur Springs Valley in Southeast Arizona where around 30 K Sandhill Cranes winter.  The valley is at least 150 miles long and about 40 miles wide and is an agricultural crop area.  The cranes take off at dawn and fly up into the valley to feed off the harvested fields and then fly back the the refuge mid-day.  When they come back in huge flights the sky is filled with birds and noise.  It is something that anyone who loves wildlife should experience if possible.  It is a force of nature.1368733574_Cranesintheairlandscape.thumb.JPG.46fa3f600f7278bc30a916c9b48fdc1a.JPG

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55 minutes ago, smskelton said:

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge,  New Mexico in the fall.  Some pictures bring back memories.  The strongest one here was about two seconds after we took the picture a Rattlesnake lit up about five feet behind us to remind us we were visitors.1726445871_HarissoverBosque.thumb.jpg.b854f933ce297a4dfd83b44a214031fe.jpg

You know what species of rattler it was?

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This morning when hiking with my dog, we hiked up into an area at Catalina State Park in Tucson where last year a fire burned the area.  Heavy rains this summer produces a huge crop of seeded grasses in the area.  Morning Doves are here in droves eating the seeds.  Every tree on the skyline above the area looks like this.DoveTree.thumb.JPG.bbdd2dab20a5064ace8a48478c765696.JPG

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