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West Houston hummingbird trouble..

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I have a new hummingbird in the garden today for which I am stressing over the identification.  May or may not be Rufous female, Broad-tailed, or even possible a Calliope.  

My notes as follows:
Tail extends somewhat beyond wingtips (eliminates Calliope, may eliminate Broad-tailed)
slight rufous on base of tail (suggests Broad-tailed)
Tail feathers broad (eliminates Allen's)
chamois wash on flancs (both)
overall green back  (suggests Broad-tailed)

Photos attached..  Any help will be greatly appreciated!






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I wish to thank all who looked at this post, and especially those who replied. 

This makes this bird the third Rufous to be in the garden today.  The other two are much more boldly colored which is why I was stressing over the third.  I do not often get winter hummingbirds here in west Houston, but this year has been exceptional.  A Rufous has been here for over a month, and have also hosted a Buff-bellied and a Calliope. On a few occasions there have been two or more Rufous.  So, a big winter for hummingbirds and a reward for diligently keeping the feeders filled all these winters...  

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